1. Do you also take vidoes at Easterns?

    • I will try, but I can’t guarantee as I have to focus on the photo side of things.

  2. When will the 2015 pictures be available?

    • Up to session 3 are available now, and they’ll all be available over the next few days.


  3. When will session four be up

    • Today.

  4. Did you take photos of the double mini and trampoline or just artistic gymnastics?

    • Sorry, just the artistic gymnastics.

  5. There’s no pictures of my daughter on session four Prince Edward Island

    • If it’s Seven, I didn’t upload them as she took the photos from the Atlantics and posted to Facebook without paying.

      • ill tell her to not take them but I need them for my mother

  6. If you forgot but my mother wants one one her

  7. Did you get any photos of the trampoline at the eastern championships

    • Sorry, I just cover Artistic.

      • I need the pictures please I’ll tell her to not take the pictures

  8. Hi Paul,
    I would like to place an order but I am having difficulty getting to that page on your website. Please help.


  9. Hi,

    If you want the dvd with all the photos of 1 athlete do you just put one of the photos in the shopping cart?


    • Yes that’s right. Just add one where I can recognize them and I’ll make sure the rest get put on the DVD.


      • Thanks. There is one photo there with 4 of the girls in it (one is my daughter). Will I get that one as well?

  10. What is digital download?

    • Digital downloads are the full resolution images that you would save to your computer and have them printed on your own.

  11. why do we have to pay just to look at some of them

    • The gallery was open for 60 days, 100% the payment is applied to your account as a credit for your purchases.

  12. Are these photos still available? Does the $20 to look st the photos go towards any photo purchases you make?

    • Yes, the photos can still be viewed and the $20 goes as a credit towards purchases.

  13. When are photos available for download after purchase?

    • I’m at Easterns right now and don’t have the 2015 Eastern files. You’ll get an email with a link to the order when I get home on Monday.


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