1. My daughter competed this am at the trade and convention centre. I am interested in photos.

    • As soon as I have them available, this page will be updated. As well, there is no Internet at the venue so it will be done as soon as I can.

  2. How can I see the atlantics pictures?

  3. I am interested to see if you have some action shots of my daughter. She competed Friday a.m.
    How long will the photos be available to purchase?

  4. Hi I also would like to order prints…I have read your last post and will wait..thanks Denise

  5. When will the session 2 pictures be up?

    • They are now.


  6. Do you need to create an account to see the pictures? Last night I could see session one pictures however I can’t open any tonight as it keeps taking me to a log in page.

    • Yes, you will need to login now to view the photos.

  7. Hi Paul ,

    Just wondering if your pics are available from Atlantics?

    My daughter in Argo. 5 (last sessions on Saturday)

    Looking forward to seeing them.


    Shelley Andrews

    • These should all be finished up later today.

  8. How do I get a login number and where do I login?

    • Just click on the AGC flyer and you should be prompted to login. You will also see a link to “Create an Account”.

  9. I can’t find my pictures

    • There are quite a few I missed in Session 4, the end of Friday as my primary camera’s shutter broke.

  10. Hi Paul,

    Wondering if you have any pictures of the Session 6 PEI girls on bars?


    • Everything I have has been uploaded, sorry.

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